~~Latergram~~ I mean, Laterpost

In the truest form of corny internet slang usage, I’m ‘later’ posting yesterday’s progress. Corny’s a personality trait, I can’t help it. I worked with labmates (& Sarah) to dissect some mussels for our lab experiment in 541. We heated 10 mussels at 18C for ~2 hours and then disected out mantle and gill tissue. We also dissected 10 mussels from the ‘control’ tank that was at ~12C, their standard temperature. The samples were put into the -80 and we will run qPCR on the samples on Tuesday. Moving my own work forward I met with Chelsea to talk about all things seahorse and historical ecology. We talked through big picture questions and some museum request protocols. I was also able to squeeze in a bit of time to talk about the history of the Salish Sea and who I could connect with for further information.

Written on April 14, 2022