April 13th

Today was a hodge-podge kind of day. Early on in the day I attempted to battle it out with GH Pages, definitely lost that fight. If I can’t figure it out by Friday it will be my Science Hour topic of discussion. I popped by the FISH 541 lab to check out mussels. Matt swapped out the tank water and that helped for sure - nothing but happy campers. Next, I spent some time working with Jose on how to properly frame the learning objectives, outcomes, and goals of the DDCSP content. It was super productive and helped me to see how to ensure my module/ lesson creation matching my overarching goals and how to scaffold the lessons from the beginning to the end to support their independence as young scientists. Finally, in preparation for my meeting with Chelsea tomorrow I am putting my notes/ questions together and double checking any last minute knowledge gaps so I don’t waste her time.

Written on April 13, 2022