November 2023 Goals

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Chris Mantegna


October 31, 2023

Monthly Goals

November Goals

Knowing this is a short month because I will spend one week away at the NABS Dive Summit and we will run into Thanksgiving, my monthly goals are succinct and build upon existing progress.

  • Get through eDNA bioinformatics pipeline from CALeDNA trip


  • Outline & draft p450 manuscript


  • Prepare poster for AGU in December


October Goal Recap

  • Finish all BCA assays and p450 assays on initial 126 sample subset.


  • Prepare for first committee meeting


  • Get through eDNA bioinformatics pipeline from CALeDNA trip


October Goal Reflection

What worked, what didn’t, where can I improve

What Worked

  • I planned my bench time and put it on my calendar.
  • I set a meeting date for the committee meeting to meet a goal of bypass in Winter Quarter.

What Didn’t

  • I didn’t follow- up on data availability or process fast enough.
  • I didn’t spend my time waiting for data to clarify the workflow for eDNA bioinformatics pipeline.


  • Spend time at the beginning of each week not just mapping out ‘outside’ obligations but tasks that are involved in my own work.
  • Block dedicated time for my work, not just work impacting others. Do this by breaking down to the task- level of the project and then adding individual tasks to my calendar.
  • Schedule ‘bench’ time for coding and computer- based work.