July 2023 Daily Notebook Post Log

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Chris Mantegna


July 1, 2023

Daily Log

31 July 2023

  • final YI field day & reu presentation support for 5 cohort members plus my own

30 July 2023

  • AM off and PM presentation run through with REU group and followup meeting / 1v1 with studets

29 July 2023

  • working with the REUs to finalize presentations and work through their papers

28 July 2023

  • wellness modules and project work

27 July 2023

  • Data visualization and results/ discussion preparation for with the students. Guest Scientist, Carina Fish

26 July 2023

  • Data entry finalization and feedback session for data collection and entry

25 July 2023

  • Data entry review

22-24 July 2023

  • Off for a wedding in Boston

21 July 2023

  • Returned Camille to Seattle and spent the day getting HFS work done.

20 July 2023

  • Guest Scientist, Natalie B. Independent work & a Bioinformatics tutorial that was an introduction to R and some Tidyverse functionality
  • Finalized having Malik Johnson come up and cover the cohort while I am away for the next few days.

19 July 2023

  • DNA extractions

18 July 2023

  • eDNA collection. Bottle prep was done yesterday so today we verified we’ve packed our equipment properly, grabbed ice and our bottles and left for Yellow. We split into two teams and sampled pre-determined opposite sites on the island. At the completion of collection we packed out sample bottles on ice and returned to the lab. Four filtration pump set-ups were run to filter all 20 bottles. It took approximately 4 hours.

17 July 2023

  • Field day cancelled due to small craft advisory due to wind. Will collect samples tomorrow, but today we did an introduction of Camille and BIMS, overview of eDNA, the agenda for the week including a lab and protocol walkthrough

16 July 2023

  • Grabbed Camile from Seattle and brought her up to FHL to meet the cohort.

13 July 2023

  • Guest scientist Lys Isma

00 July 2023

07 July 2023

  • Return to FHL campus and get DDCSP scholars off island to their cohort camping trip. REU students have off to compensate for the 7 day stretch of work.

06 July 2023

  • data collection day

05 July 2023

  • data collection day

04 July 2023

  • data collection day

03 July 2023

  • data collection day

02 July 2023

  • data collection day

01 July 2023

  • data collection day