November Goals


What’s cooler than Russell and Ciara at a Kraken game? Getting your goals together for the month!

This month is a bit of research, a bit of skill building, and a bit of housekeeping.


  • Continue to build ecotoxicology background with focus on (1) green infrastructure and wastewater runoff and (2) interaction of environmental toxins and climate change in chronically polluted places and (3) is to check out ways omics techniques can be used together to help identify degraded habitats and potential model organisms/ sentinels

Skill Building

  • Refresh BLAST runs
  • Dig into Bismarck and Mox


  • Complete profile for the lab website and the SAFS site
  • Make a list of workshops/ groups/ professional or networking development activities
  • Set course schedule for Winter and proposed courses for Spring
  • Jupyter notebook
Written on November 1, 2021