Graduate school feels like trying to lift a rhino from a second-story window, tactically difficult and more math than anticipated. While working on the Hall Grant application I have been thinking about what tactical skills I most want to gain. I want to have transferable skills to answer any problem I’m interested in, so as I work through new techniques or methods I will keep a running table of them. Another focus of mine in the last week has been working over how to teach, learn, and collaborate outside of my bubble. So far that has resulted in great opportunity for the Innovation Grant (& a chance to marry my HFS job and my science), and a chance to clarify my longterm goals. Checking in at the start of the second week of January, I am pleased with my progress toward my January goals. I’ve updated general progress below and will continue to do so throughout the month.

January Goals:

  • R coding practice (non-project based) 17 times in January two
  • Completion of the Yellow Island website chronicling our 2022 work zero
  • Literature review for WDFW mussel project 20
  • Hall Conservation Grant application submission 25